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Barrel Saunas


Ever dreamed of having a luxurious bath experience in your own home, on your own terms? The Barrel Sauna is perfect for that downtime you’ve been looking to have and of course helping to reduce stress and improve your health.

Encounter nature during your sauna session with our panoramic view sauna models. These saunas are designed with a specially reinforced transparent dome backing, allowing for a panoramic visual of your surroundings. Unwind and connect with the great our doors.


Our Barrel Saunas are made with the best Red Cedar wood which will quickly heat and maintain temperature for hours. After heating the sauna, the Red Cedar will emanate an ever so subtle scent of the forest. Not to mention, the beautiful wood contains natural resins and oils that will help resist stains, discoloration and help keep the sauna clean. It will be the perfect backyard escape for your home.


Colors: Renowned for its beautiful color variation, the cedar can be mellow amber, a gorgeous cinnamon or rich sienna brown. With the warm coloring, the Canadian Red Cedar will complimented by its uniform, fine-grained texture and satin luster finish.

Aroma: With a reputation almost entirely on its distinct aroma alone, the Red Cedar’s aroma is not only pleasant but has the ability to protect natural fibers such as wool and cotton from those pesky insects.

Dimension Stability: Being the lightest and the softest, cedars are the coolest for the sauna and are easiest to warm up.

Workability: With its straight grain and uniform texture, the Red Cedar is the easiest wood to work with. It takes it all: it takes fasteners without splitting and is easily sawn and nailed; it takes a fine finish in all hand and machine operations. When looking for the best wood for sauna – Red Cedar is the way to go.

Natural Preservative: With the scent of the forest, the red cedar will certainly be giving off some natural resin to not only help with relaxing in the sauna, but to keep it clean.

Flame Spread and Smoke Development Ratings: The red cedar meets all safety classifications and does not require any extra preservative treatments.



We assure our products are Promoting Sustainable Forest Management (PEFC). We promise our saunas to deliver the best quality products to not only help you relax, but help the environment as well.

White Pine or Red Cedar


Though cheaper, pine has larger, tougher/knots which fall out when wood becomes too dry. It is a lot more maintenance to look after, especially when building a sauna with this wood, hence why the Red Cedar is much more popular. Not only is it resilient to decay, but has natural properties that will help upkeep the appearance of a sauna to look good as new.

Set the mood and create unforgettable moments while getting healthy!


Health benefits of sauna

The energy and time that is required to get out of the house and go to the gym or spa can deter the best of us from accessing all the amazing health benefits a sauna has to offer. Having an at-home Red Cedar spa removes that obstacle and will encourage you to use the sauna regularly therefore leading to better health.

Not only does the heat of the sauna flush toxins and relax muscles and a joint, saunas relieves stress and cleanses the skin. You also burn calories – did you know the average person loses a pint of sweat during a sauna session? Not to mention, regularly spending time in a sauna will help keep the heart healthy and extend life! What’s not to love?